Confirmation required

Is seeking a confirmation evidence of a lack of faith or spiritual immaturity.

You place an order online and not long after you get a confirmation of your purchase. The transaction has been completed. Further information follow in emails confirming your address, date and time of delivery! Your package is on it’s way! The excitement and anticipation begins.

We like to get confirmation, certainty of things we’ve been promised and sometimes things that we’ve been taught. Story after story, we see Bible characters asking God for confirmation, assurance, certainty of the fulfilment of his word. From Abraham pressing God to assure him of the promised legacy that would come through a child, to Moses needing confirmation of the assignment to save Israel, and Gideon seeking sign after sign - human nature begs for affirmation.

Having faith does not come naturally to us. We pray, we fast we trust, but we could also do with confirmation of the promise. In Luke’s gospel he writes to a Roman, Theophilus presenting an orderly account of the life and times of Jesus. He compiles a forensic report of the birth, ministry, death and resurrection of Jesus. His second volume of work, The Acts of the Apostles, documents the birth of the early church... All this to affirm the faith of one who loved and believed in Jesus.  

It’s so easy to run helter-skelter, seeking assurances and confirmations, but could it be that the certainty we need is right at our fingertips? Could it be that, the Holy Spirit is poised and ready to speak and respond to our longing and yearning and calm anxiety and worry if we bare our souls to Him? Could it be that time spent in His presence could release the peace we need to build our faith enough to know that the promise will be fulfilled and the Word is true?

Could faith be the thing we need to get excited again about the promises of God and the thing that makes it ok to not have a confirmation of the date, location and estimated time of arrival of His promise? Could faith and trust in the word, and the speaker of the word - God, be the thing we need to do great things and assert our authority in Christ Jesus as children of God? Is faith the thing that helps us look beyond our needs and extend our hearts and invest prayers and care on someone else’s burden? Is faith the difference between selfishness and selflessness, worry and hope, joy and depression, liberty and bondage? To all these, I say yes!

Faith, even in the smallest quantities, could transform the world. Luke encouraged Theophilus faith with the testimony of the life of Christ. I pray that when you too delve into the truths of God’s word, your faith too is built, fortified and activated.