The Irony of Self Fulfilment

Everyday when we get caught in the rat race if life chasing our tail in pursuit of dreams and goals, seeking self fulfilment.

It’s so easy to get weary, work out and tired from carrying the world on our shoulders.
Could it be that we were never meant to handle life’s burdens alone?
So often we forget that we have access to a healer, Savior, teacher, redeemer, restorer, intercessor , advocate, comforter, provider, rescuer, refresher, inspiration, encouragement, solution, miracle worker, enabler...

We forget that I’m Christ alone we have everything we need.
We forget that being a part of God’s Kingdom means that every promise is guaranteed when we are sincerely committed to the body of Christ.

Alone we struggle,  but sharing the burdens of others opens us up to being supported in our time of need.
Ironically self fulfilment truly comes when we live in community with the trinity but through the body of Christ.

Jesus becomes bigger in our lives when we connect with others.
We see him, hear him and feel him more. Be bold and courageous to step outside of yourself - be intentional about loving and serving others and be humble enough to let them serve and love you.
There in lies true fulfilment .

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