Trusting God through disappointment

Holding on to faith in times of disappointment

Zach and Liz were in the later years of life. Theirs has been a devout one. A strong faith in God Almighty had been passed on to them from previous generations and they both had a strong commitment to living their lives for God.

They lived in a time when there was no alternative to community life. Families were closely knit, joys, fears and troubles were shared collectively; births, marriages and deaths were the joys and sorrows of all. Reputations took years to build and moments to shatter - almost irreparably.

Though much loved, admired and respected for their righteousness and dedication to the work of God - it was perceived that despite any other good thing in their lives, Zach and Liz had missed out on the favour and blessing of God because evident by their childlessness. Some would have thought that they harboured a secret sin, or even perhaps were cursed because of some ancestral abomination. One can imagine that behind the smiles and the hugs, people had written Zach and Liz off as rejected, forgotten, unwanted of the Lord.  

Yet everyday, regardless of the whispers, the private jokes, and the stigma of being childless, Zach and Liz remained dedicated in their service and love for the Lord. One could surmise that what they knew of the Lord drew them closer to him in spite of what people would said of them. Their lived experience of God made Him real, and sovereign in their lives. 
He was one to revere and remain committed to, regardless of what they lacked. They loved God through their childlessness, they loved God despite their disappointment.

Years rolled on... and then, like a miracle... Liz get’s pregnant. The circumstances around the conception of the child are shrouded in prophecy and divine revelation so much so Zach is unable to speak throughout her pregnancy.  God Almighty shut Zach up and opened up Liz's womb after decades. He chose this couple to fulfil His master plan and set things in motion for the arrival of God on earth in human form. How incredible that she should bear the person God had appointment to announce this momentous occurrence.

All of a sudden those years of weeping, sorrow , sadness and humiliation seemed like a badge of honour. God did love them, he’d not forgotten them. God could see this couple had a heart for him. There were no trust issues between God and this couple.... They lived in a ways that showed that God was bigger than their troubles, worries or lack and  that He remains God regardless of what happens on this side of eternity.

When you hold God in your heart and place all your faith on His word and His promise, what happens when disappointment breaks your heart?

Perhaps the heart is not as fragile as we think. Perhaps with every test of faith, we build the muscles it takes to trust and love God regardless. Perhaps we need to take time out to build on the foundation of our faith with the truth that we are made for God and God is not made for man - so there’s more to our relationship with God than receiving blessings and favour.

Our heart should first and foremost be set on the truth that God’s will prevails -  we can trust that what he wills is best for us. Our faith and trust will be tested and we’ll be shaken and tempted to fall away - but we must stand firm trusting that God is still God and while this life matters, no desire should lead to decisions that would jeopardise our eternity with the Lord.

So when disappointment comes... know that it will not break you or destroy you when you hold on to the Father who is also holding on to you.  

The story of Zach and Liz is taken form Luke 1 and based on the account of Zechariah the temple priest and father of John the Baptist.