Our thoughts are with you during these challenging times.
There seems to be more reason for fear, anxiety and confusion, but we want to encourage you that we have a hope and a blessed assurance in Christ Jesus that can sustain us during this time.
Christianity requires contact, but even though we can't make physical contact and can not gather physically, the power of the Holy Spirit knows no bounds and limitations. We remain connected by the Spirit and we live in a time when we can capitalise on the technological advances that the early church did not have at their disposal.

Government recommendations call for limited physical contact at this time. As a result, we've come to the decision that our gatherings will not be in person, but virtually. So from this Sunday please tune in online or on radio and be encouraged in your Christian walk.
We are working on producing resources for our children during this time. In the meantime if there are any specific needs, parents are encouraged to contact the leaders of the youth ministry.

We’re also scheduling weekly zoom calls where anyone and everyone in our church family can dial in for worship, encouragement from scripture and prayer.
We believe, in these uncertain times, more than before, we must heed the words of Paul to ensure that we do not forsake the gathering of the saints, and that we encourage each other so we can be light and salt in our communities and to our families.

For those who call Living Word home, you can continue to give towards the propagation of the word of God online here.

As a community we remain committed to interceding on behalf of the saints and for those within and outside the body of Christ. Please let us know how we can pray with you and stand with you during this time. Send (confidential) prayer requests here.

Faith without works is not alive, while we pray and fellowship, we believe our faith must also be evidenced by our actions. For those who have needs, and require additional support beyond prayers, do please contact one of the pastors and we’ll do our best to provide practical support for families who are in most need. Also, if anyone wants to volunteer their time or resources to support in this time, do please get in touch - we’re all in this together and must stand as a community.
Please stay healthy, be encouraged. We look forward to connecting with you.

Living Word Leadership Team