Updated July 2021
An update on the easing on COVID rules by the Government.
As of 19th July 2021, tagged ‘Freedom day’, Covid regulations in England were eased.

This is great news for the Church. It means we can return to gathering in-person and worship together.

The most important thing to know is that when we gather in-person, we will do so safely.
Here’s how:

For our in-person Sunday gatherings, we will still maintain a safe environment for you and your family during your visit to the Church. Be rest assured.

[Social distancing]
To reassure everyone and to remain safe, we will maintain some level of social distancing within the church building.
Seating arrangements will still keep its current formation to give enough room and breathing space.

[Face masks]
Though not compulsory,  we would still encourage the wearing of masks or face guards. Those who feel they need them, should feel free to wear them.

[Service times]
Our service times are still restricted to a maximum of 1.5hrs. This is to prevent being in an enclosed space for longer than necessary.

Our Monday, Wednesday and Friday services will continue to be held on Zoom until further notice.
You can access all of our service via the Living Word App and through our website.

Thank you for your continuous support and generous donations. For those who call Living Word home, you can continue to give towards the propagation of the word of God online.

As a community we remain committed to interceding on behalf of the saints and for those within and outside the body of Christ.
Please let us know how we can pray with you and stand with you during this time. Send (confidential) prayer requests here.

Faith without works is not alive, while we pray and fellowship, we believe our faith must also be evidenced by our actions. For those who have needs, and require additional support beyond prayers, do please contact one of the pastors and we’ll do our best to provide practical support for families who are in most need. Also, if anyone wants to volunteer their time or resources to support at this time, do please get in touch - we’re all in this together and must stand as a community.
Please stay healthy, be encouraged. We look forward to connecting with you.

Living Word Leadership Team